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Mention cheongsams and Maggie Cheung or super slim models with the curves to match come to mind.

First worn by the Manchus in China, the cheongsam (which literally means “banner dress”) has not only survived but also thrived to become a much sought after and talked about dress.

In today’s society though, there is a general misconception that a perfect figure is needed to wear a cheongsam. Fashionable and wearable cheongsams were very hard to find, at least before the founding of The Cheongsam Shoppe. Many cheongsams were custom fitted with stiff high collar and designed for only specific body types. This makes the cheongsam practically out of reach for the masses.

Believing that every woman – not just those with perfect figures – can look fabulous in a cheongsam, The Cheongsam Shoppe determined to create a blend of rich tradition with modern designs that are elegant, classic and chic. The result is an awe-inspiring range of cheongsams that are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes and for all occasions – from office environments to formal dinners.

What sets us apart

Modern, Timeless and relevant – Our cheongsams are designed to be timeless and are designed to last. However, understanding our customers’ needs for a variety of designs, we update our range regularly with new designs and fabric.

Versatile – While many cheongsams in the market are only wearable by a select few, ours are designed so that even the woman in the street can put one on and look great. With the correct styling and choice of fabric, the cheongsam can be worn for either a casual or formal setting, including the office.

Elegant  & Gorgeous – Our well-cut cheongsam just skims the figure, suggesting where the curves are, for that touch of elegance. Of course, we also have those that are fitting. The Cheongsam Shoppe carries a wide range of gorgeous styles –one for every woman.

Affordable – Owning a cheongsam need not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, we believe that every woman should own one or more. That’s why our cheongsams are priced affordably.

We understand women – Having being in the garment business for decades, we understand the fashion demands of today’s modern women.

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